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About Us

About Us

We should always behave and act in a way that allows us to take pride in our achievements, our company and our industry.

Meckey Bush


We are Woodworks

Angaraka Wood Works is an organization of professionals offering customized furniture, furnishing and interior solutions for residences, educational institutions and commercial projects. We also undertake projects involving the repair and refurbishment of old furniture, wooden flooring and panelling.

Perceptive and deeply perseverant, we study every project in detail and discuss with our clients to have a complete understanding of their needs. As passionate professionals, we bring deep experience in design and implementation and help realize the client’s vision in all its grandeur. Timeless and solid, every piece of furniture or furnishing solution we supply is a reflection of the ethos, technical perfection and absolute dedication to delivering the best…always!

Our punctual delivery and ability to deliver within budget have been much appreciated many a time and this reputation has gained us a plethora of prestigious clients.

Welcome to a world where ergonomics meets science, cost meets value and service greets you…welcome to Angaraka.

Why Us

  • Ability to deliver precise solutions within agreed budget and time frames.
  • Combined design and implementation capabilities.
  • Stylish, aesthetic and durable solutions
  • Clear communication and transparent pricing.
  • Wide design choices
  • Excellence in customer service